Selecting a group to run the annual WPRI programme is no easy task. People often wonder how the recruitment process and the composition of the WPRI works, so let’s lay the foundation by briefly explaining how we go out to find the future Stormers hopefuls:

  • The group size comprises a maximum of 45 players, with roughly three players per position. The size of the group is essential to manage an effective programme as most trainings are simulated to match two sides running against each other. Due to injuries (which often peak at 40% of the group being sidelined), the large group always allows for sessions to be as effective as possible. As a matter of interest, the WP u19 team has never used less than 34 players in a single campaign owing to injuries, necessary rotation and player form.
  • Recruitment is almost exclusively done on a scouting basis and is limited to players who will turn 19 in their year at the WPRI. Unlike most rugby academies, the WPRI does not depend on receiving large numbers of applications to complete the squad contingent. As the WPRI is the development centre that focusses on bringing potential professionals through to the senior ranks, we have to take great care in ensuring that we select the right group. The majority of our squad will be centrally contracted by WP Rugby, with a small handful being offered the opportunity to apply to attend on a fee-paying basis. The WP Rugby Academy is our arm that caters completely for application based players.
  • Recruitment also takes in mind the current composition of talent in the u21 and even senior ranks. If there are big gaps in specific positions, or if there is an indication that there may soon be, then additional players could be taken in at the WPRI-level to account for these shortages.
If you would like to apply to become part of the WP Rugby Junior structures through the Western Province Rugby Academy, send a full CV to containing only the following information:
  • Full Name
  • Position
  • Birthdate / ID number
  • High School attended and team represented in Gr 11 and Gr 12
  • Other teams represented (Craven Week, Academy Week etc.)
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Any additional conditioning tests if applicable (Skinfolds, repeated sprint etc.)
  • Last academic results and subjects (Gr 11. Sufficient)
  • Short Motivation on why you would like to become a part of WP Rugby
  • Schedule of your matches for the season
  • Please do not attach any additional documents such as school diplomas or certificates, only a school results report will be accepted